About Tahkox E2 LLC

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Who We Are and What We Do



TAHKOX E2 LLC is a tribally owned company under the Delaware Tribe of Indians and a growing leader in engineering, environmental, GIS solutions, range sustainment, and facilities management.  TAHKOX E2 LLC  has the know-how and experience to help clients achieve success globally. Our Tribally and Disabled Veteran Owned small business provides comprehensive services to a wide range of customers from our strategically located offices in Kansas, Hawaii, Guam, and Japan. The company has project experience and knowledge of the Pacific and CONUS market through its operating member capabilities, spanning more than 200 years.  A team of experts brings the knowledge gained from numerous projects around the Pacific and CONUS, a high regard for cultures, and rigorous attention to detail, striving for complete customer satisfaction.

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The Delaware Tribe of Indians (DTI) is known as the Grandfather Tribe by the other tribes and is considered to be among the most ancient of the Northeast area. The name DELAWARE was given to the people who lived along the Delaware River, and the river in turn was named after Lord de la Warr, the governor of the Jamestown colony. The name Delaware later came to be applied to almost all Lenape people. In our language, which belongs to the Algonquian language family, we call ourselves LENAPE which means something like “The People.”  The Tribe was known as warriors and the peacemakers, often keeping the peace between neighboring nations and admired by early European colonists for hospitality and mediation skills.  DTI was the first Indian nation to sign a treaty with the newly formed United States government on September 17, 1778 and the first section of the treaty called for the Delaware to be the head of a friendly Indian state with representation in Congress.Feather construction-mini


Mission, Vision, & Culture

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To Save the Lands born on the Turtle's back

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Maintaining our human resources, our portfolio of services, exceeding client expectations, being mindful of the planet, while maintaining a high level of productivity.

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We strive for excellence, self pride, and dedication. To meet goals, we utilize new and innovative solutions, teamwork, and constant communications. We welcome individuals to help us achieve our goals for a greener world.